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Publish the Data Usage Statistics by Goodybag.

by: tesscoe | 27-05-2015 00:00

Status: We’re Looking Into It

There's a massive debate, some public and obviously some behind GG closed doors about unlimited goodybags and data usage as it's so expensive.


So why not publish the data usage figures?


i.e. On the last day of every calendar month (or a couple of days after to allow the data to be collated and processed) publish the average data usage number for each goodybag type.


So for example...



                                              Av Total Uage     Av Daily Usage    Top 10% Av Total Usage    Top 10% Av Daily Usage


£12 Unlim Goodybag            3,000mb           100mb                        12,000mb                                 400mb

£15 Unlim Goodybag            2,600mb             87mb                        15,000mb                                 500mb



This will allow members to see where they sit in relation to their usage and what the top 10% of users are using on average.  Most members want to have unlimited internet but really don't want to abuse it, I suspect they would support removing the top 5% of member who are the worst abusers of data usage as this, from the comments staff make, seems to form a disproportionately high part of the cost for the network and at the end of the day this gets passed on to us all.


Publishing statistics and giving members transparency on metrics allows the members to support management in the joint goal of an efficient network for the benefit of the members.


Also publishing Peak and Off Peak statistics could help move abusive users to Off Peak times and thereby reduce network strain.



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