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Calls and texts from laptops and tablets: O2 Tu Go for giffgaff?

By: jnm21 | 10-08-2013 19:51

Just came on here to search for & give Kudos to any suggestions for this - the only thread I found was back in March when the feature was unknown & wasn't picked up - currently only available to o2 pay monthly , but this feature would go down a storm with GG users.


I have been testing it today & have to say (in agreement with a very good Android app review) that it does seem to work better on higher end phones (could not call on my SG mini, but on the SG note it works perfectly).  This may be the thing that brought me back to GG after the data charging fiasco.


link to o2 page for those interested:





A couple of media links:







Vodafone users looking jealous!





Please can you seriously consider this one?  This plus the improved £10 GB could make me consider trying GG again.


by: brianfearn
on: 05-08-2017 16:31

Its a really useful facility for anyone like me whose mobile phone wont work for calls indoors from the main mast because of poor quality signal in the new forest and would give me VOIP instantly. I hope GiffGaff will introduce it

by: jv_19
on: 28-05-2017 09:42


by: srehman
on: 29-04-2017 13:55

YES!! Greatt idea!! 1+

by: saxel
on: 17-02-2017 12:32

Yes I agree, but it does not now evern need an app on certain phones just the feature enabling.

But of course it won't happen, O2 wish to retain it as a premium feature for their contract customers, GG would be way down the pecking order I'm afraid.


by: stonelaughter66
on: 17-02-2017 11:31

You don't need the TuGo app. Many phones now support WiFi Calling out the box - as does mine. It's a function they can switch on or off on their network and they're declining to do it.

Come on, GiffGaff - time to enable WiFi Calling and VoLTE!

by: chandalf
on: 30-01-2017 13:39

An increasing number of other providers are rolling out this feature so GG really need ro revisit it if they want to stay at the front of the pack.

by: banned1
on: 23-01-2017 12:06

From 'How it works': 

To vote for an Idea is more powerful than posting the same Idea again (you can search to see if your Idea is already out there here)
Which is even more relevant considering this idea which is even featured on Labs Home page:

 http:// https://labs.giffgaff.com/idea/9525810/calls-amp-texts-from-laptops-amp-tablets-o2-tu-go-for-giffgaff

gg's response to it:

Afternoon folks, this idea is currently on the backburner. It's something we love the concept of, but with how saturated the market is with Whatsapp Calls, Skype, Viber and others, we can't see the argument for supporting the resources it would take to create and maintain this feature. We'd need a strong case that people would use giffgaff's feature over the popular apps like Skype, Facetime and Whatsapp. 

If you want to see WiFi calling introduced vote for the original idea above!

A few of the many other existing ideas:






etc etc

by: brianfearn
on: 21-01-2017 12:03

I would pay an extra £2.50 a month per plan for this TU GO feature.  To gte calls and texts to my mobile over wifi when indoors would be brilliant.  My partner has o2 and we live in an area of New Forest that is a NOTSPOT and we get no mobile signal indoors...this would complete the 'package of GiffGaff' as far as I am concerned if this were available as an optional extra or included in a plan.

by: poorben
on: 13-01-2017 21:52

>Surely this is a phone issue rather than a network issue

For sending calls it probably is, but the network needs to be involved for receiving calls


by: evvvv
on: 13-01-2017 21:41

Surely this is a phone issue rather than a network issue