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60 day voicemail frustration

By: andreww | 14-05-2013 16:26


A little known fact is that if you don't access your giffgaff voicemail for 60 days any customisation is lost (no pin, no personalised greeting etc) and you're not informed it has happened :smileysad:


If having gone to the trouble of setting these, to find if you did need to urgently check voicemail from another phone if would be very annoying to find you can't!


This is idea is very simple - once a PIN and/or a personalised greeting has been set - just leave it there without any time limits for it to be removed :smileywink: 




by: mij_sky
on: 26-03-2016 12:07


by: oldyorkie
on: 15-03-2016 17:37

I supported the original idea when first posted - and obviously still support it now. Just how long does it take to "look into it"?? 

by: jtemplar
on: 15-03-2016 14:45

It would be even better if giffgaff didn't mess with my voicemail at all once I've taken the time to set it up. 


by: hannahb88
on: 11-03-2016 16:51

This is completely bizarre, but explains why every time I call voicemail I'm asked to set a PIN. What is the PIN even for if every time I access voicemail I'm asked to set it?

I'm not keen on personalising my greeting because I don't want people to leave voice messages in the first place - although that's partly because I don't want to jump through the hoops to set a new PIN AGAIN to access those messages! It's a bit of a joke.

by: nikmobile
on: 06-03-2016 22:38

Now this one I agree on 

by: nike2020
on: 06-03-2016 14:58

support this idea 

by: jokeyboi77
on: 25-02-2016 19:31

I thought you'd proposed this idea before 2015 Andrew? But I've supported it again.

by: davidj63
on: 14-02-2016 10:33

I doubt that Giff Gaff provide this service themselves.  I suspect they are at the mercy of O2's policy.   I'd also note that Virgin voicemail boxes expire if you don't use them - I think they get disabled completely.  I think it is longer than two months, though.

Assuming that old mails are purged after a period, I can' think of any current commercial reason for imposing such a restriction, but it may well be the case that the voicemail equipment is very old and was designed at a time when disk space was much more expensive.

by: alexirving
on: 22-01-2016 11:52

This is a pointless feature. Please fix this. Supported.

by: marku
on: 15-12-2015 12:39

ARRRRG! I've just been caught by this again! When is this issue going to be addresses?