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60 day voicemail frustration

By: andreww | 14-05-2013 16:26


A little known fact is that if you don't access your giffgaff voicemail for 60 days any customisation is lost (no pin, no personalised greeting etc) and you're not informed it has happened :smileysad:


If having gone to the trouble of setting these, to find if you did need to urgently check voicemail from another phone if would be very annoying to find you can't!


This is idea is very simple - once a PIN and/or a personalised greeting has been set - just leave it there without any time limits for it to be removed :smileywink: 




by: sheppola
on: 26-03-2018 10:35

Definitely a good idea :)

by: zarafaith
on: 23-03-2018 11:31


by: anniebanannie0303
on: 22-03-2018 15:20

Great idea

by: dawjoh
on: 17-03-2018 17:13

yes I agree this would be great for customers

by: bearintheair
on: 17-03-2018 08:03

Great idea???? Come in giffgaff get this implemented for the gang

by: adamtheant
on: 04-03-2018 20:25


by: julie2265
on: 22-02-2018 17:04

i didn't know i had an active giff gaff voice mail?

by: porreta4
on: 22-02-2018 11:58


by: rickydnb76
on: 21-02-2018 22:26

Can voicemail just be turned off ?

by: steeplechaser
on: 26-03-2018 21:33

Yes, just use the giffgaff shortcode 1626

by: hawkins1982
on: 28-09-2017 19:09