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60 day voicemail frustration

By: andreww | 14-05-2013 16:26


A little known fact is that if you don't access your giffgaff voicemail for 60 days any customisation is lost (no pin, no personalised greeting etc) and you're not informed it has happened :smileysad:


If having gone to the trouble of setting these, to find if you did need to urgently check voicemail from another phone if would be very annoying to find you can't!


This is idea is very simple - once a PIN and/or a personalised greeting has been set - just leave it there without any time limits for it to be removed :smileywink: 




by: ejwells
on: 05-03-2018 21:36

Ues, please leave as set up. Irritiating when you don't even realise it is happening!

by: mikeclubs181040
on: 04-03-2018 14:05

Hello everyone, what a great Idea. I would love to see this implemented.

by: sonford
on: 21-02-2018 17:02

Well that explains why i had to reset mine last week - and its not the first time its happened - that is extremely annoying! NOT GOOD giffgaff - this needs sorting! :(

by: jaycee1959
on: 17-02-2018 05:43

This is a ridiculous money making feature of Giff Gaff and should be stopped. I know of no other supplier that does this, I very rarely get a voicemail and when I do it's more than likely from an unknown number which I'm not really bothered about so don't even bother listening to. Get rid of this feature Giff Gaff before people start leaving and put the word out that you scam your customers!!!

by: beautifulflowers
on: 20-11-2017 19:47


by: gjacks1
on: 22-10-2017 20:22

this would be good , I'm surprised its not there already !

by: ajmobile
on: 24-09-2017 20:30

Absolutely - customisation should stand so long as the phone is in use and has credit. There's no need for the settings to lapse and the current arrangement is a security risk if anyone can access voicemail and voicemail settings after 60 days. I am using my phone most days but weeks can go by without a voicemail message being left.

by: wanabewag_ds
on: 28-06-2017 09:16


Be aware that this is a phone hacker feature. ANYBODY can access your voicemail messages after this 60 day rest. All they need to do is phone your number, press * and follow the instructions to hear your private messages!!!! Wonderful!

Perhaps if a celebrity sued Giffgaff/O2, they would sit up and listen. According to Wikpedia: "By March 2010, News International had spent over £2 million settling court cases with victims of phone hacking." How much will it cost Giffgaff?

To be safe, as Giffgaff clearly are lont listening, I suggest you move to another supplier. Any ideas on which has a good voicemeil system would be much appreciated?

by: phone_freak
on: 26-05-2018 23:37

I think you'll find that before a pin is set by the user no access is possible from another phone, although if you've set a pin to use from the Giffgaff phone itself, that will be lost. In the old days O2 and Vodafone had a default pin code to access voicemail from another phone, as did BT Call Minder. I always thought this was a security risk, but nothing was done about it until the News of the World scandle.

by: j_d
on: 25-12-2016 14:32

GiffGaff does an Amazing job, but this is just plain WRONG!!!

Protecting your Voicemail is a security feature, that can have major consequences for one's privacy/security.

- and by not making it obviously clear and transparent, it is almost dishonest, what a shame...

Why would they want to do this??? It's just not nessesary.

Put it to a users vote and see!

Come on GiffGaff, your better than this...

by: pangolin25
on: 04-09-2016 14:55

Seems to be a case of members knowing what would work for them, but GG thinking it knows better.  There's no logical security reason for having this repeat itself every 60 days on your own phone.  It probably generates some extra income though with all those extra calls to the voicemail number.

I doubt if anything will change because the vast majority of those who affected by this will not realise that there is this discussion going on or anything they can vote on.  Therefore it will be classed as a minority issue.

by: pipgiff
on: 14-05-2018 23:52

This problem has not happened to me yet. But it is quite clear that the Voicemail system is seriously wrongly configured .