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Unactivated SIMs - no expiry

By: bertiebat | 11-04-2013 23:16

There is a mismatch between the official word that unactivated SIMs expire after 6 (sometimes 9) months and what actually happens to at least some SIMs as I've had SIMs activated well over a year after I've received them and as recently as March this year.

SIM given 07 Feb 2012 xxxxxxxx 08 Mar 2013

Since the numbers aren't allocated until they are activated I can't see any reasons for expiring unactivated SIMs?

Edit: the actual way the SIMs are provisioned is slight more complicated and further details from giffgaff and this proposal can be found in this contribute thread which looks like this idea may indeed be possible. :smileyhappy:

I suspect unused SIMs are already being needlessly thrown away because people think they expire after 6 months. Those in the know can use the SIM checker to see if it's still live and safe to give out but most will simply end up in the bin (not very green). :smileysad:


Quite simply just ensure that all giffgaff SIMs produced don't expire and remove all references to the SIMs expiring after a set period.


Much less wasted SIMs and allows people to know with proper conviction that there is no need to get new SIMs after 6 months. :smileyhappy:

giffgaff can promote itself as a much greener company as other networks that pre-allocate numbers have to expire their SIMs (to recycle unused numbers). This also adds justification as why giffgaff doesn't pre-allocate phone numbers on the SIMs. :smileyhappy:

So if you would like keep giffgaff greener then you know what to do :smileywink:


by: kevincunno
on: 16-07-2015 20:34

Got my vote 

by: fadyyasin
on: 01-07-2015 08:43


by: fadyyasin
on: 01-07-2015 08:43

one step to save the planet ..

i support this as this would also benefited to the customer who travel abraod and use to live outside the Uk for longer month. As they always want to know wheather the sim would be expired when they travel again to uk so obviously yes they have to activate the new sim on arrival and share a new contact number to all contact

by: momist
on: 28-06-2015 10:47

gurupandit tells us in the 'contribute' thread :-

"What we are doing as part of MSISDN Reuse Project is to disassociate the MSISDN from preactivated SIMs older than a certain period. It wouldn't stop you to activate those SIMs, as a new MSISDN will get dynamically allotted to it. The only downside to this process is that it would take comparatively longer for a dynamic activation to go through. Our tests have shown that the dynamic activatiion takes on an average 2 hours.

So the moral of the story, we are trying to recycle the MSISDN to control the costs and to be Green. But please dont throw away older SIMs, as they won't expire.  (4G may eventually expire them, just as 3G expired 2G SIMs)"

So this is already ongoing.  Don't throw away old SIMs!!!

The idea though, is to clean up the documentation on the Giffgaff site to inform people that this is the case.  It needs doing!  Supported.

by: lorna2013
on: 25-06-2015 14:59

Great idea :)  This would save giffgaff money and make them more environmentally friendly :)

by: yuwa
on: 15-06-2015 18:45

totally should be considered.. especially there is little downside as giffgaff only assign phone numbers to sims at the point of activation.. so defintely a cost saving option - leaving those sims remain as they are.. cut wastage too

by: richardski
on: 27-05-2015 15:39

I have sucessfuly activated several SIMs that were more that 18 months old.  It appears to only work with a brand new account as SIM Swap refuses to work with SIMS more than 6 months old.  That needs to be addressed as most people needing a SIM swap willl probabaluy have "old" SIMs 

The database just needs to be reconciled with SIM number to enable its use on the network.  It is a real waste of resources and money to throw way SIMs because thay are no longer registered on the system,  I estimate with cost of produciton manual handling, packing and postage it could cost in the region of £2 to dispatch aSIM.  So lets not throw money in the BIN as there will still be many old phones in use that do not have 4G and use the standard mini SIM format.

A small step to save the planet:)




by: jaymailsays
on: 18-07-2015 02:22
Did You Know Sim Checker Link does not work with 4G sims codes? I just tried it out and it shows a sim error for one that srrived this week. ................................. There seems to be good valid reasons for deactivating unused older sims. An Agent told me recently thst some older sims are the reason behind failed inward/outward sms text messages. The Agent sdvised me to upgrade by doing a sim swap. If these older sims can develop this fault the bin is the only place for them. Furthermore people who have standard sim phones today may want to upgrade tomorrow, they deserve a trio 4g sim now in order that they can seamlessly change to a smartphone using the new trio 4g sim, without doing a simswap. The cost of a sim is negligible, compared to the £5+£5 bonus attached to all sims hsnded out by members. Give new members a shiny new 4g sim, they deserve it. If you sgree with me and sre sgainst this idea vote -- at the top of the page snd consign those dodgy, dusty antiquated sims to the bin.