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Call Catcher on giffgaff

By: i_h8_indian_callcentres | 03-04-2010 14:34

Call Catcher gives you the facility to find out who has called if your phone has been out of coverage or switched off. Once your phone has coverage or is switched on, you will receive a text message telling you who called and the time/date.


Kudos this if you would want this feature.


by: ma2013
on: 13-08-2015 21:06
This idea has so many kudos, still nothing from giffgaff? ????
by: johny121
on: 12-08-2015 20:55

Fantastic idea kudos, i tend to sometimes get calls which end up going to answering machine when i have lack or no service. The text message would be great as a notification alerting me that somebody has tried to get in touch. :)

by: ripbox
on: 11-08-2015 21:21
Great idea although better coverage would be more beneficial but i cant see o2 changing that anytime soon so its a perfect solution
by: 3axis
on: 07-08-2015 13:13

If it is possible this would be very useful.

by: kittypad
on: 06-08-2015 09:18

This is wonderful. I work in a very old building and I have no signal inside. Im also going through buying a house so am missing alot of calls at the moment. This would be a wonderful way to know who i need to call back if hey didnt elave a voicemail.

by: archierhodes
on: 01-08-2015 21:45

I agree hope this idea come into mind ????

by: aaron311
on: 31-07-2015 18:40
i agree would be nice to have  
by: hhelen5
on: 31-07-2015 17:37

I'd like this, it means I could switch my phone off through the night to save battery and still see if anyone has phoned! 

by: klmwong
on: 23-07-2015 22:54

this is handy. think o2 does this but would be good if gg did too.

by: ma2013
on: 18-07-2015 23:05
I love this idea, really need this functionality to compete with the "big boys" of the mobile networks. :-)