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Call Catcher on giffgaff

By: i_h8_indian_callcentres | 03-04-2010 14:34

Call Catcher gives you the facility to find out who has called if your phone has been out of coverage or switched off. Once your phone has coverage or is switched on, you will receive a text message telling you who called and the time/date.


Kudos this if you would want this feature.


by: premierphotosuk
on: 05-10-2015 20:39

Please support the idea that has been raised before over this. Thanks

by: xollobru
on: 05-10-2015 20:29

Like this and many many other ideas?:


by: elizabeth97
on: 05-10-2015 19:12

I believe this appears on your phone anyway? Under call history. 

by: giffer23
on: 28-09-2015 22:44

Would love to see this one in place for all at giffgaff. :) 


by: marku
on: 28-09-2015 18:21

If you go into voicemail (433 or call your own giffgaff number from another 'phone) there is an option to turn text notifications on.

by: magnus21
on: 27-09-2015 22:13

Had this on O2, really miss it !

Yes we definately need it .

Voicemails ok, but not everyone wants to leave a message

by: footballfanatic2014
on: 26-09-2015 20:43
Many suggestion of this but great idea all same !!
by: kevincunno
on: 26-09-2015 19:47

This is a great idea got my vote 

by: jakir2001
on: 26-09-2015 18:10
Ideas not bad but has been suggested before
by: sarahbanahnah
on: 26-09-2015 09:44

This has been posted many times before. Just to let you know that a quick search before posting the idea will be good in the future