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Call Catcher on giffgaff

By: i_h8_indian_callcentres | 03-04-2010 14:34

Call Catcher gives you the facility to find out who has called if your phone has been out of coverage or switched off. Once your phone has coverage or is switched on, you will receive a text message telling you who called and the time/date.


Kudos this if you would want this feature.


by: leshin
on: 25-09-2015 22:36
This has been suggested before and is called call catcher. Find the ideas on the lab already and vote for it there
by: ormey
on: 17-09-2015 16:57

isn't this voicemail ?

by: skhan_786
on: 14-09-2015 04:13
This is a great idea
by: aj2005
on: 10-09-2015 07:35

This is one service

I miss since changing to Giffgaff,it really makes sense to have this .

by: bullphit
on: 08-09-2015 16:59
Very good and very popular idea
by: areina
on: 08-09-2015 14:54

This is an amazing idea and I've had this when I was with Vodafone

by: alexandra_fragkakou
on: 04-09-2015 15:24


by: alexandra_fragkakou
on: 04-09-2015 15:19

Why isn't this implemented? It has 1036 votes and in my opinion it is a very basic service that must be provided! Missed call alerts are very useful, not everyone leaves voicemails and smartphones' batteries die quickly. Also, what about when your phone doesn't have signal? Please sort this out giffgaff!

by: ncc74656
on: 27-08-2015 23:45

My mate gets this on his O2 S5.. So it's already viable..

+1 from me


by: lddex
on: 27-08-2015 11:09

awesome idea