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Call Catcher on giffgaff

By: i_h8_indian_callcentres | 03-04-2010 14:34

Call Catcher gives you the facility to find out who has called if your phone has been out of coverage or switched off. Once your phone has coverage or is switched on, you will receive a text message telling you who called and the time/date.


Kudos this if you would want this feature.


by: sweeneyr95
on: 23-09-2020 08:10


by: kevin18711
on: 22-09-2020 21:44

excellent idea

by: pete131347
on: 22-09-2020 15:02

brilliant idea

by: paule17494
on: 22-09-2020 14:01

great idea

by: fayed51
on: 22-09-2020 13:15

Great idea. Not everybody leaves a VM so u'll never miss a call.

by: ricky58521
on: 22-09-2020 08:49

I think that this is a brilliant idea.

by: asmajib
on: 20-09-2020 13:28

brilliant idea

by: leet028
on: 20-09-2020 11:49

yer its needed and call waiting options

by: zealousbeloved123
on: 19-09-2020 17:09

Fabulous idea

by: kelseycoatesaaron
on: 19-09-2020 14:50

I think this would be a great idea