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Call Catcher on giffgaff

By: i_h8_indian_callcentres | 03-04-2010 14:34

Call Catcher gives you the facility to find out who has called if your phone has been out of coverage or switched off. Once your phone has coverage or is switched on, you will receive a text message telling you who called and the time/date.


Kudos this if you would want this feature.


by: beautifulflowers
on: 06-06-2017 22:03

Superb ...must be implemented 

by: jv_19
on: 28-05-2017 09:42


by: cerenbul
on: 26-05-2017 19:33

Great idea

by: hcs22
on: 03-05-2017 09:41

I like this idea

by: srehman
on: 29-03-2017 20:12

This is GREAT IDEA!! 1++

by: sibtahmed
on: 03-03-2017 17:30

A helpful idea

by: g3orgeuk
on: 04-02-2017 18:04

it's the only negative thing about giffgaff so far, please activate it now!

by: 38956
on: 27-12-2016 12:49

Anyone know the current status of this idea?


This idea has been requested time and time again over the years but only gets to "We’re Looking Into It".

Why is the status of this idea still "We’re Looking Into It"?


by: t0o
on: 04-11-2016 13:49

This is the single missing feature for me on giffgaff! Considering network coverage in UK is limited, with O2 being no exception, this feature would offset the network issues allowing people to call back the caller. On the contrary to most opinions here it can be a loss of revenue for giffgaff as goodybags will actually be spent better meaning less surplus minutes left for each period but it will also make the giffgaff network attractive for more serious users who need to have immacule connectivity or availability. Please consider this feature a priority as many of my giffgaff friends envy EE users having it.

by: j51h
on: 16-10-2016 17:53

this would be good!!