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Provide unprompted feedback when cases go over 5 days

by: philiplittle40 | 01-02-2013 20:43

Status: We’re Looking Into It

Whilst the 5 day sla with the tech team isn't great we
all learn to live with it in due course. There is however
an issue where it takes longer than 5 days for the issue
to be resolved. The onus is completely on the user to
chase it up. In my opinion this is the wrong way around. If giffgaff (albeit due to delays at third parties) doesn't deal with the issue within the 5 working days then it (the agents) should be contacting the user to keep them informed.

There should be a system at the agents to flag tech team cases that go over 5 days (would be astounded if this didn't already exist). On receipt of said flag the agents should contact the tech team to establish reasons for the delay, likely time to resolution - this information should then be passed back to the user WITHOUT the need for them to take further action (eg update the case).

As things stand users are feeling abandoned - a little
communication would go a long way.

Some initial discussion and comments can be found here :

Many thanks for your consideration and comments.


Phil :smileyhappy: lo
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