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Three Way Calling

By: oslingsby | 27-03-2010 14:19

Subject Says it all really.

3 Way/Conference calling is the only thing i will miss if i switch everything to gg.


by: keithctaylor
on: 16-04-2016 09:55

Sorry, I can't support this. It's been suggested many times, but is not technically feasible.

by: adds8476
on: 10-04-2016 00:48

Great idea, don't I'll need it much, but it gets my vote.

Would need to sort out how it would be bolted, I'd imagine you would be charged double, once for each call. 

by: s_pat
on: 08-03-2016 11:58

Just use a messaging app to do this!

by: antonynznuk
on: 22-02-2016 18:17

Would use this a lot. Infact am considering changing to another provider that has this add and merge call function. I use it for easy conferencing with two people typically. Skype etc. Is not always reliable when on data etc. Threeway call is easier.

by: alexirving
on: 17-02-2016 10:46

Already suggested but you can already do this with apps for free

by: alexirving
on: 08-02-2016 14:03

I don't think I would use this very often.

by: oli900
on: 26-01-2016 04:37

I wouldn't use this but I am sure it would be useful for some.

by: s_pat
on: 22-01-2016 14:51

I don't see the point for 3 way calling or why giffgaff should invest in this.

by: jeff_elephant
on: 18-01-2016 14:33

This idea has been suggested before. Sorry. Please search next time before you post an Idea.

by: alphafemale
on: 15-01-2016 12:17

Definitely should be standard.