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Three Way Calling

By: oslingsby | 27-03-2010 14:19

Subject Says it all really.

3 Way/Conference calling is the only thing i will miss if i switch everything to gg.


by: yuwa
on: 16-06-2016 09:48

this is possible on most of the other networks- giffgaff should look into implementing this - else it may start to turn away few customers for whom conference calling is a must - especially in a business or office scenario; or even for students..

granted a lot of the conference nowadays actually happens via instant messaging..

it would still be good to have this feature than not..

by: zahmed2010
on: 05-06-2016 19:05


by: aaamer
on: 01-06-2016 09:14

Nice idea 

by: chirizphone01
on: 29-04-2016 18:48

Good idea +1 from me

by: bullphit
on: 22-04-2016 07:35


by: navvy
on: 19-04-2016 14:17

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by: scrappydez
on: 18-04-2016 17:06

Skype, whatsapp, viber are such apps that already do this. Why would giffgaff reinvent the wheel?

by: espuelita
on: 16-04-2016 13:04

An old idea, and never been particularly poular.

As others have said there are other ways to hook up with others for "conference" and I think it would be tricky for giffgaff to implement. You need a main network operator for this.

by: mcilwraith
on: 16-04-2016 11:15

this not being the main provider i dont think this will be something you will see on giffgaff

by: evs22
on: 16-04-2016 10:26

You could use something like Skype to talk to your friends.