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Badges/rewards for completing tasks

By: stephenmiller | 28-12-2012 16:34

Hi all, there's a few ideas about community badges for completing tasks and doing things in the community (for example Marys here) but this is a little different. Various sites like Dropbox have a tutorial based achievement feature where you're rewarded for completing tasks associated with the core functionality of the service. 


Would it be feasible for giffgaff to have something similar? In Dropbox it's in a section labelled getting started and works on the idea of issuing challenges to the user, for giffgaff it could be:


  • set up a reccuring goodybag,
  • queue a goodybag,
  • post in the community,
  • give a kudos or accept a solution
  • Access giffgaff.com on a mobile
  • Follow us on Twitter/Facebook or share your refferal link.

Or things to that effect, challenges or achievements designed to introduce new users to the features and functionality of the mobile side as well as the community side. Below is the Dropbog getting started section using a challenge/ reward system as a tutorial.


2012-12-28 16_10_57-Get Started - Dropbox - Comodo Dragon.png


And another similar example on the Steam platform




I couldn't speculate on the cost or effort involved in this but it would ideally be a part of the giffgaff.com member dashboard (so not reliant on Lithium).


The benefits are that you could immediately make new members aware of and using features such as reccuring goodybags, immediately get them posting and accepting solutions/kudosing on the community and sharing giffgaff on Twitter. Anything you'd want to encourage and think new members ought to know upon joining.


The reward could if you wanted follow Dropbox and offer traditional rewards (possibly payback points?) but could just as easily be a badge based rewards system. Leave a half finished challenge on someones dahboard with empty badge spaces and 90% of people will want to fill it and find their way around the site and features nicely.


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good idea gets my support

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Lits of good ideas

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agree good thinking