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Online usage history (itemized billing)

By: ivida | 17-02-2010 01:05

This is another idea that has been brought up several times in various forms (see usage-history tag), but

haven't yet made it to these pages. I feel very strongly about this and would like to promote this also here: 

the idea is to implement a  'Usage history' or 'Itemized billing' under My_giffgaff on the webpage.


I prefer the 'Usage history', as i think the important aspects is that it enables one to monitor usage

(data is transferred, but of course also calls, and txt messages), not only the bill/balance at the end.


It would be a feature that underpins transparency and is very much in line with the philosophy

of giffgaff as an internet based and community oriented company. 



by: robgmchugh21
on: 25-11-2020 06:45

come on giffgaff sort your business life out & let us have unused data roll over like some of your larger competitors. U know it makes sense..

by: kuba79
on: 24-11-2020 22:45

My child is very happy. Used data minut .

by: alexo59348
on: 24-11-2020 21:35

nno way

by: dstru10
on: 23-11-2020 08:32


by: lorai63
on: 23-11-2020 07:40

totally agree...there have been months when I've used hardly anything, and then other months when I've had to top up.

by: charlesinlondon
on: 21-11-2020 13:56

Also we want roll over monthly unused data, thanks.

by: richardjonesabbas
on: 21-11-2020 06:43

This idea has been on here since June 2015!!! The fact that it is being ignored has lead me to consider changing my mobile network provider

by: richardjonesabbas
on: 21-11-2020 06:43

Definately agree and surprised such a basic service is not available.

by: jaime39762
on: 18-11-2020 18:26

Si, estoy totalmente de acuerdo con esto

by: gusti91
on: 14-11-2020 09:10

that is a great ide