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Handling multiple SIMs from a single company/family account

By: ivida | 14-02-2010 02:10

This idea was brought up by several posts earlier (see 1,2) and Vincent has even posted

a partial solution, but apparently it hasn't yet made it to this page.


The proposal is to have the possiblity to handle more than one SIMs from

a single account. This would be useful for companies, families, couples

and any other groups, if handling of the SIMs' administration/finances

is performed by one person.


The point is not necessarily to have only a single account for the SIMs,

i understand that at the moment the system requires the creation of an

account for each SIM.


The point is much more to have the possibility to define a master account from

which you can access relevant settings of all the SIMs within the associated pool.

Not only to top-up (this is not a problem as you can top-up any number through

the giffgaff pages) but also to activate/inactivate  auto top-up or set speding limits, etc.


Another important aspect of a company/family pool os SIMs would be to handle the

credits more flexibly: to have the possibility to transfer credit from one SIM to

the other.  Tthere was some discussion about  implementing some form  of credit

transfere on giffgaff (1,2) - in my opinion company/family SIM pools would be a good

argument to push such a feature and also an excellent context for the development

and testing.



by: nickyheywood
on: 24-06-2018 15:56

would like to see this get implemented

by: sarahbanahnah
on: 21-06-2018 11:02

Excellent idea! Can't wait till it gets implemented!

by: uistchurch
on: 21-06-2018 09:05

Great idea.

by: suhauff
on: 15-06-2018 14:24

I’ve just joined and have needed 2 accounts. One for me and one for my son. If I move my daughter over I’ll need a third, not bothering! I’d love this.

by: rodchampkin
on: 14-06-2018 21:21

Great idea. It'd work for me as I have 3 Sims and had to register each one as a separate user. Combining them would save a lot of hassle, and if, say, some kind of'master goodybag' could be made available then things would become even simpler.

by: hockeymom5414
on: 14-06-2018 18:53

this would be great I have 5 sums in my family

by: graemeuk
on: 14-06-2018 15:55

Would be great to manage an additional SIM for a security system from my main account.

by: s1979m
on: 13-06-2018 19:17

Great idea

by: lisafo123
on: 13-06-2018 11:45

good idea

by: reaney90
on: 12-06-2018 16:12

Any chance of a discount for multiple active goodybags on renewal? Something small but satisfying like 5-10%? Also lining up goodybag payment renewals into one payment would be nice too. I’ve actually just come back to giffgaff after many years (going back to the great flood if anyone remembers). Looking nice and competitive again :). This will be icing on the cake for me.