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Handling multiple SIMs from a single company/family account

By: ivida | 14-02-2010 02:10

This idea was brought up by several posts earlier (see 1,2) and Vincent has even posted

a partial solution, but apparently it hasn't yet made it to this page.

The proposal is to have the possiblity to handle more than one SIMs from

a single account. This would be useful for companies, families, couples

and any other groups, if handling of the SIMs' administration/finances

is performed by one person.

The point is not necessarily to have only a single account for the SIMs,

i understand that at the moment the system requires the creation of an

account for each SIM.

The point is much more to have the possibility to define a master account from

which you can access relevant settings of all the SIMs within the associated pool.

Not only to top-up (this is not a problem as you can top-up any number through

the giffgaff pages) but also to activate/inactivate auto top-up or set speding limits, etc.

Another important aspect of a company/family pool os SIMs would be to handle the

credits more flexibly: to have the possibility to transfer credit from one SIM to

the other. Tthere was some discussion about implementing some form of credit

transfere on giffgaff (1,2) - in my opinion company/family SIM pools would be a good

argument to push such a feature and also an excellent context for the development

and testing.



by: klittle1
on: 06-04-2018 11:32

This would be really helpful for me

by: josielou_
on: 05-04-2018 18:13

Great idea, would help me manage my kids phones

by: palmer180
on: 03-04-2018 18:16

This would be great for me as I currently manage 3 separate accounts.

Make it happen Giff Gaff

by: tr3sp4ss3r
on: 02-04-2018 19:29

Great Idea

by: anne_ripley
on: 30-03-2018 22:50

This would be a great idea for families, especially if it was possible to share accounts so that if one used more than their allowance the excess could be allocated to an undesired within the group.

by: eileenmoto
on: 27-03-2018 17:37

Love this idea . It would be so much easier

by: cbiphone
on: 26-03-2018 13:57

I've just started my own company and to be able to control more than one SIM/account from a master would be ideal, adding to flexibility and inducing me to have more than one telephone number.

But I also control my family's various accounts so this would be ideal, using my account as master to keep it all up-to-date and never to run out of top-up (as has just happened).

by: muirkenny1980
on: 24-03-2018 23:01

Hi I agree as I lost my original no and account as lost SIM and have lost out on any off my other sims being activated so would be great and also when SIM is registered during that process the new owner or yourself has the choice to add to like you say a master account big thumbs up from me jock

by: nikkj
on: 24-03-2018 18:59

Yes please, a much needed option.

by: andrewpwhite
on: 24-03-2018 09:40

Great Idea, even if like me you would only like to have 2 sims - one work based and the other personal, and with dual sim phones now available.