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Handling multiple SIMs from a single company/family account

By: ivida | 14-02-2010 02:10

This idea was brought up by several posts earlier (see 1,2) and Vincent has even posted

a partial solution, but apparently it hasn't yet made it to this page.

The proposal is to have the possiblity to handle more than one SIMs from

a single account. This would be useful for companies, families, couples

and any other groups, if handling of the SIMs' administration/finances

is performed by one person.

The point is not necessarily to have only a single account for the SIMs,

i understand that at the moment the system requires the creation of an

account for each SIM.

The point is much more to have the possibility to define a master account from

which you can access relevant settings of all the SIMs within the associated pool.

Not only to top-up (this is not a problem as you can top-up any number through

the giffgaff pages) but also to activate/inactivate auto top-up or set speding limits, etc.

Another important aspect of a company/family pool os SIMs would be to handle the

credits more flexibly: to have the possibility to transfer credit from one SIM to

the other. Tthere was some discussion about implementing some form of credit

transfere on giffgaff (1,2) - in my opinion company/family SIM pools would be a good

argument to push such a feature and also an excellent context for the development

and testing.



by: sykesey9
on: 30-05-2018 18:26

this would be a great thing to be able to do

by: pawsomepooches
on: 26-05-2018 13:39

this would be great for us as we have 4 phones, and one company phone with possible more to come when expanding.

by: clark79
on: 26-05-2018 01:14

make it for professional workers who can keep track and date time who work when what and when things happen in giffgaff data . Meaning work Giffgaff as a chef but have to use me phone to catch people out so think working man/woman Giffgaff which just install work aspects hence ! Menu/specials/costing/rota/menu/order/excectra..

My name is Kelvin Clark but I have to say catering is big industry and is sadly missed buy phone conpanys . I know this from my youth I use to sell mobiles door to door down in Newquay when it was law to do this .I will say I am a head chef to this day and feel that this is a massive industry that is being left in the dark ages. As I do know the council has this app and aspect for laptop and mobile . Sorry for my thoughts if you would like more of this were we could take this email me



by: kevqilson007
on: 25-05-2018 17:54

giff gaff is brilliant thank

by: nichomach
on: 23-05-2018 20:06

I manage mine and my daughter's SIM and would find this really useful.

by: jon12340
on: 21-05-2018 17:18

great w

by: q292u
on: 21-05-2018 15:24

Yes! Both my kids have giffgaff sims, both of which I pay for, but I can't access them both in the same place.

This is actually preventing me from moving our other two phones across from Tesco.

I cannot be bothered using FOUR accounts!

by: mrpaullee
on: 04-06-2018 18:19

I agree Tesco can do it

by: adamtheant
on: 20-05-2018 13:03

hope this gets implemented

by: adamtheant
on: 20-05-2018 13:03

hope this gets implemented

by: leevee
on: 16-05-2018 20:42

This would be awesome to manage the families phones better!

by: knowles_billy
on: 17-05-2018 01:23

I really don't want any 1 or 4 family members all up and over my account