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Handling multiple SIMs from a single company/family account

By: ivida | 14-02-2010 02:10

This idea was brought up by several posts earlier (see 1,2) and Vincent has even posted

a partial solution, but apparently it hasn't yet made it to this page.


The proposal is to have the possiblity to handle more than one SIMs from

a single account. This would be useful for companies, families, couples

and any other groups, if handling of the SIMs' administration/finances

is performed by one person.


The point is not necessarily to have only a single account for the SIMs,

i understand that at the moment the system requires the creation of an

account for each SIM.


The point is much more to have the possibility to define a master account from

which you can access relevant settings of all the SIMs within the associated pool.

Not only to top-up (this is not a problem as you can top-up any number through

the giffgaff pages) but also to activate/inactivate  auto top-up or set speding limits, etc.


Another important aspect of a company/family pool os SIMs would be to handle the

credits more flexibly: to have the possibility to transfer credit from one SIM to

the other.  Tthere was some discussion about  implementing some form  of credit

transfere on giffgaff (1,2) - in my opinion company/family SIM pools would be a good

argument to push such a feature and also an excellent context for the development

and testing.



by: janic34
on: 09-05-2018 12:10

very good idea

by: scorpiodawn
on: 08-05-2018 15:56

I can register multiple numbers on my O2 account, so clearly not a difficult thing to do.

by: jamesedge913
on: 07-05-2018 02:48


by: blue1212
on: 06-05-2018 09:21


by: blue1212
on: 06-05-2018 09:21


by: blue1212
on: 06-05-2018 09:21


by: spikey92000
on: 04-05-2018 20:29

Exactly what I'm looking for, being able to pay one bill for numerous numbers

by: oreilly9
on: 04-05-2018 11:28

OMG! This would really help with family functioning! I also would like to see this implemented as I too manage all the family Sims and logging in and out of different accounts is painstakingly frustrating and time consuming. If you forget or mix up a password Wow how long winded.

This idea is surely best practice making the feature a MUST, make it so! Pleeeaaaseee ???? and Thank you for looking into it ????

by: blue1212
on: 07-05-2018 08:39

Good post

by: carol0842
on: 01-05-2018 01:52

great i

by: kikiso
on: 29-04-2018 14:00

This is a great idea as I currently handle the sims for ageing relatives who can't manage their accounts, they don't even have internet.