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Pre-activated sim cards

By: bkfromcatford | 11-07-2010 04:20

I thought this idea had been turned down already, but nothing came up from a quick search. So I guess I suggest this as a brand new idea, or if my search missed it, a new twist on an old idea !

I think few would oppose the idea that a giving a friend a pre-activated sim, with a little credit on it, would be an easier way to get them to try giffgaff, and hopefully get on board.

I propose a way of doing this that would not cost giffgaff anything beyond a (possibly) small initial cost just to set the idea running. We, the users, would bear most of the cost initially, but with luck would see that cost turn into a profit.

As well as the current method of ordering un-activated sims there could be the option of using our credit to buy sims already activated with, say, £2 credit. For this we would pay £3, and the extra £1 would offset any cost to giffgaff.

Even though the credit on the card would be paid for by us the card itself would remain effectively ownerless until the recipient (hopefully) sees how excellent giffgaff is and goes through a registration process similar to activation to become a full user. Once that happens we get the usual 500 point reward, which turns our small loss into a profit, but the new user does not get the welcome £5.

Additional safeguards against abuse would be that the sim is only valid for the usual 6 months unless in use, and that the sim must be registered within 30 days of first use.

Obviously we would have to be a little more selective about who we hand these sims to if we are not to stand too many losses, but I think it would reduce waste, and the take up rate would be higher.


by: tinkerdust79
on: 15-02-2019 13:52

i like it how it is to be honest

by: bobyoung
on: 25-09-2017 15:24

sounds like a plan

by: amer_boss
on: 24-09-2017 23:44


by: geoclinton
on: 19-09-2017 21:08

Sound like a good plan !

by: gavinmcclelland01
on: 19-09-2017 12:29

An excellent, really well thought out idea

by: ronixronix007
on: 15-09-2017 19:31


by: alhamruni
on: 15-09-2017 14:37


by: kixiie
on: 12-09-2017 22:07

Great idea

by: asinghn
on: 16-09-2017 11:39

It's a wonderful idea and can start using immediately without any difficulty or trouble.

by: ibads5mini
on: 12-09-2017 17:42

A pre-activated SIM is a great idea, especially when you've just arrived from overseas and you've had to go to the nearest BP Station to pick up a SIM because all of the shops in Glasgow airport have run out and there's no free wifi to activate from. Sad but true.

by: mijthebarber
on: 11-09-2017 10:10

not bad