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Deleting a goodybag

By: bwals92 | 04-06-2010 11:21

I think it would be good if there was an option to delete goodybags so you could buy a new one (before the month is up), especially when your minutes are low. This was a problem on my old network too, I had to wait a few days before topping up again because the 'bundle' hadn't expired yet.


Also, I can't see why networks don't have this option. My friend and I were talking about giffgaff the other day and he said he needs to top up again as he's used his minutes already, but this was only after 15 days. Sometimes people have months where they overtalk and need to top up again.


by: tokyobuta
on: 08-05-2018 16:53

Excellent idea..

by: safaali_xx
on: 04-05-2018 18:16

i thnk that you should allow people to be able to delete goodybags as thye may not have enough credit to keep them going throughout the month.

by: timoak
on: 03-05-2018 19:46


by: paolodusetti
on: 30-04-2018 20:30

wen I purchase a goody bag that starts straight away I automatically loose my existing minutes n txt's allowance just coz I need a few more gigs of data early

by: dg_austin
on: 30-04-2018 12:57

Cracking idea!

by: kerry9087
on: 30-04-2018 01:58

not everyone can afford to top up all the time but those people might also miss a phone call and the people who phoned could leave a message but the person who couldn’t afford to top up cannot listen to that voice mail message because they need credit to listen to it but it could be an emergency hospital appointment or one of there family members could have been taking to hospital and that person would t know until a few hours or even the next day or two when they phone them back or until they can afford credit. So I think being able to phone the voice mail for free and not needing credit to do that would be great for all those millions of people that have all this trouble. And they may leave Giffgaff network for another network where u don’t need credit for listening to voice mails so it’s a good idea don’t u think giffgaff ?

by: paolodusetti
on: 30-04-2018 20:38

YEH !!! I'm with ya kerry9087 that's a great idea

by: lienkram
on: 26-04-2018 19:56

very good idea :)

by: willy1974
on: 15-04-2018 20:55

yes iv had this problem myself in the past u should be able 2 add extra data or mins or txt if 1 off em have run out

by: gumm13
on: 12-04-2018 19:55

brilliant idea, been too many times over the years when I run out of data and dont want to buy a giga-bag because its been so close to my renewal date, canceling a goodybag so you can purchase and apply the new one would be ideal :)

by: pendragon94
on: 12-04-2018 13:22

I agree but also think that it would be good if we could add to the goodybag we have like if you run out of internet but still have munites it would be nice to add more internet to that goodybag .