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Deleting a goodybag

By: bwals92 | 04-06-2010 11:21

I think it would be good if there was an option to delete goodybags so you could buy a new one (before the month is up), especially when your minutes are low. This was a problem on my old network too, I had to wait a few days before topping up again because the 'bundle' hadn't expired yet.


Also, I can't see why networks don't have this option. My friend and I were talking about giffgaff the other day and he said he needs to top up again as he's used his minutes already, but this was only after 15 days. Sometimes people have months where they overtalk and need to top up again.


by: jacklogik1
on: 25-02-2018 22:23

i think that should be an option in my mind

by: leekitt
on: 24-02-2018 14:50

yes this has happened to me but luckily my phone has two sim card option so i have two sims i

just top up when needed but prefer to use just the one number

by: sgth
on: 21-02-2018 16:59

or adding a bundle as u can do with data

by: tctrundleberry
on: 27-10-2017 16:47

Great suggestion... all in favour

by: dan_the_man
on: 27-11-2016 23:20

??...and checkout @zoeawesome's great easy to follow youtube guide here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aXOph2WF9Jo 

by: dan_the_man
on: 27-11-2016 23:17

You can apply a new goodybag / start your next goodybag early when you runout / only 5 left (minutes or data). See https://community.giffgaff.com/t5/Help-Support/Start-goodybag-early/m-p/18905943#M6602747 for more info.

by: eugene888
on: 21-04-2018 00:30

just buy new godybag and find option activate my new godybag rightnow

by: tonil32
on: 17-04-2018 13:29

how do I deletemy goodybag