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Deleting a goodybag

By: bwals92 | 04-06-2010 11:21

I think it would be good if there was an option to delete goodybags so you could buy a new one (before the month is up), especially when your minutes are low. This was a problem on my old network too, I had to wait a few days before topping up again because the 'bundle' hadn't expired yet.


Also, I can't see why networks don't have this option. My friend and I were talking about giffgaff the other day and he said he needs to top up again as he's used his minutes already, but this was only after 15 days. Sometimes people have months where they overtalk and need to top up again.


by: demus70
on: 13-08-2018 13:15

good idea

by: spuds48
on: 11-08-2018 13:28

i agree 100%. I think it would also be a really good idea if you could just register the sim without having to buy the goodybag first as i have had to just purchase the£5 one cause of low funds on my card. I really wanted the £25 which i can afford later but couldnt wait cause ive had to change my number asap cause of threatening and abusive calls i was getting on my old number off an ex

by: hayleygodden96
on: 08-08-2018 19:23

good idea

by: fct_biszumende
on: 04-08-2018 02:03

good idea

by: taytayrowe123
on: 03-08-2018 20:40

great idea

by: chunkybiker
on: 31-07-2018 13:48

Good idea

by: axlefoley
on: 30-07-2018 20:00

I agree also with canceling previous goody bag before it expires and being allowed to cancel current goody bag and letting the new purchased goody bag allowed to start right away!!!.

by: tokyobuta
on: 27-07-2018 11:08

Kind of passed by, now that unlimited minutes start at a tenner...

by: jadeyleigh1995
on: 25-07-2018 17:58

Agree totally

by: stell21
on: 24-07-2018 12:15