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Discount goody bags for Deliveroo/Uber Eat riders

By: nicolajgale | 26-12-2019 12:52

As a Deliveroo rider, I find GiffGaff to be the best service on which to operate the rider app due to the generous nature of the data in the goody bags but, I was thinking it would be a good idea to hook up with Deliveroo and Uber Eats to offer their riders deals on GiffGaff phones and goody bags.

This would get more riders signing up to GiffGaff and with a deal on a phone or a slightly cheaper goody bag for a heap of data in order to be able to do their jobs it would keep riders on board and have them recommending them to fellow 'Roos'. The deals could stand for as long as the rider remains contracted to Deliveroo/Uber Eats, should they move on they then move to the same rates as any other customer.

As a Deliveroo rider, I use a huge amount of data each month in order to be able to do the job, this can take up a large amount of my fees just to keep riding, so I thought a 'perk' of the job should be discounted goody bags which would not only keep existing customers on board but also bring in new customers from Deliveroo and Uber Eats riders.


by: natha18419
on: 12-01-2021 13:36


by: scsksr46711
on: 06-01-2021 16:09

I agree

by: funfa92
on: 04-01-2021 19:24

The goody bags are cheap enough and if people like uber drivers start getting discount then why not people like loyalty giffgaff user's getting discount, already the NHS received discount data which was brilliant but if they start discounts then everyone should get it and I don't think that's right or fair unless you have a really good reason for why you should get discount unless uber driver's are giving discount to giffgaff mobile user's

by: kiran74629
on: 25-12-2020 14:35

great ideac

by: joann70789
on: 23-12-2020 15:06

i like the idea but i think it will be hard to submit this to just one field of jobs other people doing great jobs deserve the same

by: sbegu29
on: 23-12-2020 01:22

totally agree if they do that they'll get alot of people on board

by: haleemanoor
on: 21-12-2020 22:59

Agree with u

by: redman1985
on: 20-12-2020 14:01

great id

by: cezarywychowaniec
on: 15-12-2020 17:52


by: bisma26475
on: 12-12-2020 12:47

great idea