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Conflict free phones

By: nicolajgale | 26-12-2019 11:13

At present The Phone Coop is the only supplier to offer their customers 'conflict-free' phones in the form of the Fairphone. This is a phone from which all the materials which go to make it up come from sources which aren't in current conflict zones or subject to human rights abuses. Many of the materials which go into making up mobile phones come from regions in the world where land is in dispute, in a state of warfare or human rights abuses against workers and the civilian population are regularly reported.

It would be good to see Giff Gaff support projects which provide us with conflict-free mobile phones for those of us who want a more ethical way to stay connected.

Credit needs to go to the Phone Coop for putting the idea of conflict-free phones to the fore and providing an alternative, and it would be great to see other providers, including GiffGaff follow suit


by: cassa24397
on: 28-09-2020 13:21

Good idea

by: patry56284
on: 25-09-2020 13:30


by: haleemanoor
on: 24-09-2020 23:46

Coool idea

by: silverangold
on: 22-09-2020 22:45


by: morga79790
on: 22-09-2020 15:34

good idea

by: madunttv1
on: 22-09-2020 14:04


by: lolabunnytiger
on: 21-09-2020 06:53


by: romorton
on: 18-09-2020 09:47

Good idea. Ethical.

by: stark1986
on: 14-09-2020 17:11

i agree

by: nativeheart
on: 09-09-2020 15:49

Great Idea