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Orders not reserved pending loan approval

By: budgiesdsd | 30-11-2019 15:16

In the ordering process, when a buyer applies for a loan, there needs to be a brief warning that their order will not be held in reserve until the loan approved.

In other words all unconfirmed orders will expire after the 30 minute deadline even if a loan has yet to be approved by Giffgaff's partner.

I did not realise my order for a phone was not held in reserve pending approval of the loan. So when I attempted to complete my order, there were no more in stock.


by: mangoslurp
on: 19-04-2021 20:57

Yes. This sounds reasonable to me.

by: patrks
on: 15-04-2021 14:05

Great idea

by: rovid
on: 14-04-2021 16:35

Great idea

by: stephanymillena10
on: 11-04-2021 13:11


by: quinn9
on: 09-04-2021 08:29


by: skemp73
on: 08-04-2021 14:22

personally I think the Oder should be approved straight away if you want the loan then your got if if you don’t then don’t apply for one, and you should receive an update via text message or email stating that your loan has been approved, we all have Oder something in the past and your always waiting for the confirmation update to say your parcel or whatever is on it way to you,

as in regards to reserve time 30 minutes seems a little steep a couple of hours gives people time to think about there loan !

Not here to upset anyone just say what o think. Kind regards to all.

by: starkey93
on: 07-04-2021 17:06

this seems like a great idea might need a little bit of work though

by: shecll
on: 06-04-2021 15:50

Fantastic idea.

by: rospy
on: 05-04-2021 19:18


by: carol54944
on: 02-04-2021 20:05

yes I agree nothing worse than filling everything in and then turns out it hasn't informed you of the availability of what you are asking for etc.Always little changes that help a lot. Carol54944