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Filter for phones for sale

By: centaur39 | 25-11-2019 12:07

Please put a filter on the phones for sale page to remove the out of stock items to the end of the listing.

It is a waste of time and causes annoyance to go through pages with no stock items filling them.

It certainly annoys me and has been mentioned by potential new customers I have directed to the site.

Doh….. stupid question !!


by: haleemanoor
on: 26-09-2020 23:02

Good one and voted

by: alexh43377
on: 26-09-2020 22:57

Yes PLEASE do this!! I've looked at this page a few times over the years and every time end up swearing about having to scroll past so many phones that are out of stock!

by: pinks29
on: 25-09-2020 16:57

Good idea, brought a phone last Christmas, wanted a different one to the one I brought because first one didn't say it was sold out.

Second choice OK but have had some issues with it , but sticking with it for the time being, see what's for sale this Christmas.

by: gillfr
on: 22-09-2020 13:12

Making this an optional filter would really help purchasers.

by: natasa80
on: 21-09-2020 16:31

come on giffgaff this is a great idea!

by: romorton
on: 18-09-2020 09:54

Yup. Not rocket science and should be easy to implement. John Lewis has a filter to show or not show out of stock items on their website.

by: doonee12
on: 14-09-2020 11:52


by: ibrah93386
on: 31-08-2020 20:25

Great idea

by: whizzuk
on: 15-08-2020 05:01

great idea

by: vijay42924
on: 14-08-2020 14:41