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By: btn_smiler | 16-11-2019 21:24

When calling another GiffGaff mobile phone, it would be a good idea for the network to give a "five-minute warning" before reaching the 60-minute limit, to save going over this limit accidentally and then facing high bills.

By going over my 60-minute limit (when I didn't realise there was one with the GiffGaff to GiffGaff calls!


by: jesi23
on: 27-01-2020 12:52

Actually, going over 60minutes just takes Airtime Credit (If you have none, the call cuts off); however, a bleep or alert would be helpful. If you have a goodybag (from 26 February 2020, any goodybag) £10 or above, you have unlimited minutes (up to 9hrs according to T’s&C’s), so this would only apply to free giffgaff-to-giffgaff calls.

At 15p/minute (25p/minute after 26 February) any credit would drop quite quickly on a call over 60 minutes.

by: johnrooney80
on: 27-01-2020 12:47

Seems good, but surely you can check timer of call?

by: rites61
on: 21-01-2020 17:19

This is appropriate

by: rippleracer12
on: 18-01-2020 15:15

Great idea.

by: erzse49
on: 17-01-2020 16:10

good idea

by: erzse49
on: 14-01-2020 22:30

good idea

by: johndfoster7
on: 14-01-2020 22:20

I like this idea

by: peterg92
on: 16-01-2020 19:52

Definitely mate

by: danny56767
on: 14-01-2020 22:14

i agree!

by: peterg92
on: 14-01-2020 22:13


by: jklou93
on: 14-01-2020 20:50

good idea but i don't really call for longer than a few mins or just set an alarm on your phone.