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By: btn_smiler | 16-11-2019 21:24

When calling another GiffGaff mobile phone, it would be a good idea for the network to give a "five-minute warning" before reaching the 60-minute limit, to save going over this limit accidentally and then facing high bills.

By going over my 60-minute limit (when I didn't realise there was one with the GiffGaff to GiffGaff calls!


by: iqrar29
on: 08-01-2021 09:19

Yes! Excellent idea and hopefully not too hard to Implement!

by: debsmith123
on: 01-01-2021 14:47

Good idea

by: gadgetguy
on: 27-12-2020 22:28

I don't get cut off with Giffgaff to Giffgaff calls 2hrs etc.

by: boblog
on: 27-12-2020 16:17

good idea, though you can set a call timer on your phone usually to beep at certain intervals. Also the phone will show the current time elapsed on that call so it isn't too difficult to keep it under 60 minutes

by: gadgetguy
on: 26-12-2020 17:12

I never get cut off when calling my aunt. G2G.

by: m321p01
on: 24-12-2020 22:01

Just don't gab for over an hour

by: janhun
on: 20-12-2020 19:49

good idea but gaff gaff has more important to do it not a top idea

by: munroster914
on: 14-12-2020 19:13

Sounds like a good idea, but you can set an alarm on your phone anyway before making a call. When I'

ve gone over 60 mins I just think of it as giving something back for all the free minutes I've had.

by: bisma26475
on: 13-12-2020 18:22

good idea,to prevent high bills and frustration caused..????

by: smth2
on: 13-12-2020 14:36

Great idea