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View Recruit Status via giffgaff mobile app

By: markeemaark | 02-11-2019 15:53

A simple idea that would be helpful - the ability to view My Recruits and SIM order statuses via the giffgaff mobile app.

We can already access the Share the Love aka Payback via the mobile app, it only makes sense to be able to also view the status of SIMs that you have ordered or sent out. I would find it very helpful to be able to see whether SIMs that I have handed out or had sent have been activated etc.


by: zain821
on: 11-04-2021 21:43

Voted great idea

by: aish72
on: 03-04-2021 18:04


by: sanji61996
on: 23-03-2021 19:34

I am agree

by: zisha33
on: 14-03-2021 12:08

Amazing idea

by: joshpt
on: 04-03-2021 18:15

Good idea

by: julieshort
on: 04-03-2021 17:21

I have supported your idea. I naively thought that this was already in place and wondered where the confirmation was and now I worry that I am not going to get the points that I am due because I have had the sims for quite a while.

by: madee42
on: 23-02-2021 02:41

good idea.

by: iqrar29
on: 12-02-2021 05:49

Can you view Recruit Status on the website?

by: rehma90157
on: 05-02-2021 20:27


by: mareeb25
on: 28-01-2021 17:14