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How to see minutes and texts used at a glance

By: gmadeley | 25-10-2019 22:16

I can see how much of my data I've used because the home page shows me how much data I have left, but I can't do the same for minutes and texts because both of those are unlimited on my goodybag. Even though I have unlimited minutes and texts, it would still be useful to see how many I've used shown on the home page.

I'm just good at stuff like that.


by: jfh
on: 06-12-2019 14:37

although not essential if one has a Goodybag with unlimited texts and minutes it would be interesting to see how many are being used.

by: roftshire
on: 05-12-2019 07:52

it would help keep track of which plan to be on.

by: verityjahane
on: 03-12-2019 13:34

I've also wondered about that.

by: adelemarjoram
on: 03-12-2019 08:21

I like this idea

by: pinks29
on: 30-11-2019 23:33

Think it's a good idea, so you can keep an eye on your usage

by: 2niagaem
on: 29-11-2019 10:06

Why?...although the goodybags might have unlimited minutes giffgaff put a numerical value on it so you can use that to easily work out how many you've used plus you can also find out many minutes you've used and texts you've sent on your phone itself.



by: jsmith2009
on: 26-11-2019 15:46

Agree I think it would be useful

by: klmwong
on: 25-11-2019 16:20

Good idea.

by: johnsmith140289
on: 24-11-2019 16:37

Great idea.

by: parkyannie1uk
on: 21-11-2019 16:42