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Safe sim authentication

By: alan_twiddy2 | 23-10-2019 21:14

when updating a SIM add a requirement forentering or displaying the account name and/or number on the SIM authentication screen. To enable confirmation that you are updating the correct account.

making a mistake when doing a SIM swop from an old SIM to new smaller SIM on a new phone.


by: aish72
on: 19-04-2021 16:34

Great idea

by: sanji61996
on: 23-03-2021 19:40

not sure about this

by: zisha33
on: 14-03-2021 20:45


by: madee42
on: 23-02-2021 02:54

ppl might misuse it

by: oliviazali
on: 13-02-2021 08:43

Not helpful

by: rehma90157
on: 05-02-2021 20:27

This would be so helpful!

by: mareeb25
on: 28-01-2021 17:18


by: shahz49283
on: 25-01-2021 19:20


by: kiran74629
on: 29-12-2020 15:36


by: gadgetguy
on: 26-12-2020 17:31

I have submitted an idea for account by name and tabs for each SIM you control.

Account name, amendable SIM alias, number.

Account: David Thompson

S1 Magic 07891445566

S2 Sonia 07738414525

S3 Chipper 07410911911