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Talking to trees

By: thoma97736 | 22-10-2019 15:32

For every pound spent on goodybags and topups giffgaff would donate a small amount to the planting of trees to fight climate change. This could be as little as 1p per gbp spent. Every phone deal Sold though giffgaff could see another 5 trees planted. And nothing woikd make me happier than havibg giffgaff plant a tree for mw on my birthday.

Im looking for ways to get companies on board to help fight climate change in many ways. People arnt going to stop thier consumer habbits, packaging free will still mean that mrs bloggs will buy her tomatoes flown in from spain tightly wrapped in plastic but feel happier that they are now in recycled cardboard packaging. Consumerism is the strength of global progress so its though consumerism that the greatest change can take place.


by: kiran74629
on: 29-12-2020 15:40

superb idea . I love plants

by: tanni666
on: 23-12-2020 20:45

Brilliant idea supporting the enviroment wherever possible alot of companies like the one i work for where they use alot of packaging should be more invested in thier recycling as they are not at the moment and i will work on making this happen going forward as doing my part to help others should do so to as whole if we all do that little to push companies we work for to get better with recylcing we can help the enviroment more and more. My company is global and will make sure there is a programme where we are doing our part and if we are not doing it i will suggest that they do. Stay safe all.

by: andrew_demetriou
on: 21-12-2020 20:56

This is a brilliant idea! Companies need to do more to fight climate change, and Giffgaff signing up to a scheme like this would be a massive boost to their reputation, especially among the most environmental conscious consumers. This would be a small but important step in companies accepting responsibility for their environmental footprint. Prices shouldn’t increase, giffgaff should be using a sharing of their profits to fund this.

by: bisma26475
on: 14-12-2020 01:14

Very good idea! We should take measures to help global warming!

by: jenniferlaw
on: 23-11-2020 11:06

This is a nice idea. There are plenty of existing schemes for tree planting I'm sure Giffgaff could make a contribution towards. Having good environmental policies always reflects well on a company.

by: lornab103
on: 16-11-2020 10:23

The only way I can see this working is if the prices went up to cover the cost. I'd be happy to pay a little more, but a lot of other people won't be. I think it would have to be optional and that just confuses the overall GG offering.

by: gordonellis1
on: 10-11-2020 17:29

Not for us

by: zaykk92
on: 31-10-2020 17:02

this is a very good environmental idea! we can perhaps somehow use this idea to get school children involved to be the ones planting these?good for the environment and educational for them too!

by: shona29210
on: 19-10-2020 00:26

I believe it is important that an industry such as yourselves in telecommunications, which (as of February ‘19 had over 2.5million customers) and a yearly revenue of £449 million should use their clientele as a target audience & make a difference in the world before it’s too late

by: coxeia
on: 04-10-2020 10:31

Love this evironmentally friendly idea. It gets my vote