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GIffGaff Refurbished Tablets

By: ausee | 22-10-2019 11:10

Giffgaff offer a place to purchase refurbished phones. I was looking to purchase a Ipad in the near future but love Giffgaff and I feel my budget will not stretch to a new one, so maybe its time you guys could offer a place to purchase refurbished tablets to sit alongside your existing phone offering. Then you can recommend the plans best suited to use with tablets.

Missing offering by Giffgaff


by: aish72
on: 19-04-2021 16:34


by: zain821
on: 08-04-2021 18:43

Nice idea this will help to all community who want to buy iPads on installments and refurbished on low rate.

GG also introduce new electronic appliances at small instalments.

This will help the people and grows your business.

by: rasreuben
on: 08-04-2021 18:26

i agree

by: sanji61996
on: 23-03-2021 19:41

I agreed

by: zisha33
on: 14-03-2021 20:46

Great idea

by: madee42
on: 23-02-2021 02:53

good idea

by: mucka1958
on: 15-02-2021 10:55

Fantastic idea, there's not a mobile operator out there that does refurbished 4g or 5g tablets, this would be a brilliant scheme for giffgaff to corner the market in.

by: pinky1622
on: 14-02-2021 21:06


by: alexa198930
on: 07-02-2021 01:36

good promotion

by: rehma90157
on: 05-02-2021 20:28