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giffgaff BANK

By: dylanobrien1991 | 20-10-2019 10:28

Basically a prepaid mastercard debit (not credit) card from giffgaff with zero fees and no annual costs. i think it'd be easier for customers to receive payback and it would save some money in commissions to giffgaff when customers top up, need a refund, recurr the goodybags on that card and also the paypal fees when sending out money to customers that want to redeem the payback in cash. this card would be given only to members that have been with giffgaff for more than three months and in case the member switches to another provider, can keep the card for a small yearly fee that will disappear as the member switches be back to giffgaff.

TIM (Telecom Italia Mobile) a carrier in italy, have recently done this starting the service as TIM Pay.


by: babygal82
on: 06-04-2021 14:29

good idea

by: zain821
on: 05-04-2021 07:48

Great idea. Money can be saved by this method.

by: timro66
on: 28-03-2021 03:06

This is definitely not for me, I also think that this is not a good idea as it could lead up to potential fraud, it wouldn't be to hard if fraudsters can commit fraud on normal bank accounts.

by: maggiboo
on: 24-03-2021 12:14

good idea

by: sanji61996
on: 23-03-2021 19:44

good idea

by: zisha33
on: 14-03-2021 20:47


by: dylanobrien1991
on: 25-02-2021 20:25


by: madee42
on: 23-02-2021 02:51

agfeed 3

by: rehma90157
on: 05-02-2021 20:28


by: mareeb25
on: 28-01-2021 17:24

Really very nice idea.