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Non EU goodybag

By: alexm84461 | 13-09-2019 09:08

My idea is a non EU goody bag worth £10. Unlimited internet, calls and texts. No roaming charges. This could be used in the USA, Canada, the Americas Australia and Africa.

My idea that I came up with is due to my holiday coming up next month and my struggle to find an international plan. I hope it is approved by all


by: corbe50
on: 17-09-2019 01:54

this would be useful for sure! but I have doubts about how practical it would be, giffgaff would have to be running that at a loss for such a low price.

by: adventure17
on: 16-09-2019 20:18

Sorryi can't support this as I think it would be far too expensive for Giffgaff to do.

by: kathleen414
on: 16-09-2019 18:37

To expensive for giffgaf to have even at a higher prce

by: karenyates
on: 15-09-2019 23:42

Cannot see this idea getting instigated,how would giffgaff make any money from this idea?

Have a good holiday though.

by: tradertall
on: 15-09-2019 15:57

How could giffgaff make money on that? Obviously people would only buy it before going away...

by: escapeman5
on: 06-12-2019 11:59

Cannot support this, sorry. The actual cost in A.N.Other country is hugely variable, so a single fee would have to accommodate the most expensive country, which nobody would take. best fiind a local carrier and get a PAYG SIM that is friendly to international use, or just accept you need WiFi and use e-mail while abroad. (It is what I do)

by: dinuovoio
on: 02-12-2019 18:02

Unlimited internet for £10 when roaming data charges can be in the region of £5 per mb/£5,000 per GB....that doesn't seem either viable or realistic.




by: haseebhejazi
on: 29-11-2019 23:40

great and brilliant i

by: johndfoster7
on: 20-11-2019 18:53

great idea

by: bullphit
on: 19-11-2019 13:48

smashing idea