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Giffgaff music

By: jamie4789 | 10-09-2019 05:48

So I don't know if anyone came up with this idea but what about a free music app for giffgaff members where we can listen to current music and stuff and it could even be included as part of the top up schemes I.e £10 top up gets you music for 30 days free

£20 top up gets you music for 30 days with free premium etc

Both me and a friend like to go on road trips and are tired of listening to the same songs and you know we like to hear different stuff so that's how our idea came + it would be so much better than Spotify


by: oliviazali
on: 14-09-2019 15:50

Let's try

by: egglassa
on: 13-09-2019 20:40

Great idea

by: micky6599
on: 13-09-2019 19:28

good idea

by: stellamobile
on: 13-09-2019 18:11

love this idea gifffaff music would be awesome

by: gordonellis1
on: 13-09-2019 16:27

Brilliant idea, well done!

by: georginad78
on: 12-09-2019 22:42

Yes brilliant idea

by: ashleybristoluk
on: 12-09-2019 11:01

fantastic idea

by: dennisbowen
on: 11-09-2019 17:58

Wow fantastic idea

by: ungourin
on: 11-09-2019 12:40

not there market and music is getting saturated

by: o7sagittarius
on: 10-09-2019 19:07

always listening to the radio Giffgaff music that would be fantastic????