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By: hhsol04 | 09-09-2019 10:37

Hi guys....

I myself have quite severe physical and mental health issues,with few people to talk to!I've searched high and low for a place just to chat...And without paying through the nose or being judged by others,I can't find anywhere!I go day's without talking to anyone,and I'm not alone.1000s of people from all walks of life are suffering alone unnecessarily.If only we had somewhere free and already able to reach 1000s of sufferers!

We already have... Giffgaff already have a caring and inviting community.So would it be possible for us already Giffgaff members and others welcome to have forum to air our thoughts and have communication with other like minded individuals?

Mental health issues along with suicide are ridiculous...And with all the stigma a lot of people suffer in silence..With us all being behind screen's I feel it would give people the chance to talk without being judged! Further down the line maybe make friends...

But more importantly we are all in the Health forum for a reason,to talk and be heard with a sympathetic reply from your fellow, sufferers/ Giffgaff gaffer's alike!! Thanks guy's xx

I came up with this idea, because I'm a complex sufferer and we need a new way of communicating and helping others with there life struggle's.


by: mcilwraith
on: 09-09-2019 16:15

sorry to hear of your ailment but i dont think it deserves its own forum.

why not just carry on in general discussion.there is always someone there to talk to

by: hhsol04
on: 09-09-2019 21:04

Cheers matey...No apologies needed.Im used to it now it's everyone else!Lol.Id just like to see somewhere... ANYWHERE.....A place we can lose ourselves in because we're already excepted before we go in.Ill chat to anyone behind screen,but with a separate area... Sufferers will automatically feel at ease??Me anyway!

by: stellamobile
on: 13-09-2019 18:14

I understand but you can always post in general discussion

by: ungourin
on: 11-09-2019 12:42

i think the platform we have is enough.

But I hope you find what your looking for

by: mijthebarber
on: 11-01-2021 20:52

Covid post had given you your answer

by: dennisbowen
on: 08-01-2021 10:17

Good idea

by: iqrar29
on: 08-01-2021 09:45

The general discussion is good enough I think. But best of luck!

by: andrew_demetriou
on: 01-01-2021 21:22

This is a lovely idea, although I think people may be reluctant to support people on the forum, as they wil fear making a situation worse. Although for someone who just needs someone to cheer them up on a down day, it may be successful.

by: bisma26475
on: 19-12-2020 23:08

good idea ..can help many and as people saying it should be on a seperte forum I think it's fine you can discuss anything here!

by: 195sw56
on: 19-11-2020 13:34

People with mental illness should have free internet and calls to all networks to help them out

by: cass905
on: 01-11-2020 12:45

Im 50/50 with this idea I do like it but....... firstly people will be asking for their own forum for any subject which will cause chaos

but on other hand its also a good idea as people can either go look or ignore depending on their mindset for me personally i would join in all the posts