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Feature displaying SIM’s expiration date for app and account!

By: fotinikal | 02-09-2019 21:34

I propose that giffgaff add a feature to our accounts and app meant to display the user's SIM expiration date. I know that we are supposed to be notified by email/text before a SIM is deactivated, but some members have previously reported that they never received a warning and just lost their numbers for good.

I’ve moved out of the UK and now live permanently in an EU country. It’s imperative that I keep my giffgaff number in the long run. At the moment, I cannot know when I’ll return to the UK—or if I’ll ever be back. I don’t use my giffgaff number at all, so naturally I wish to buy goodybags or any kind of credit as seldom as possible. Even though I do not make use of this number, I need it to occasionally receive business calls from the UK.

Long story short, it’s important that I keep my giffgaff number for work-related reasons at this time and also for future use; I’m not interested in getting a new one upon returning to the UK if this one expires.

These are giffgaff’s current terms and conditions regarding number expiration:

“Our rights to bar or disconnect your SIM Card:

13.3. Your SIM Card will be disconnected unless, at least once every six months, your Account is used to:

a) make at least one call, SMS or MMS to another number (not including calls to emergency services or Member Services);

b) make at least one connection to the Internet;

c) make at least one airtime credit or Bundle purchase”.

I fully understand the terms and conditions, and I’ll certainly do one of these three things every time my number nears expiration, but—just for peace of mind—I’d prefer to have a way to check my SIM’s expiration date at all times through the giffgaff app and my giffgaff account so that I don’t ever miss the deadline. I used the ‘Ask an agent’ service to discuss this; they were kind enough to write back in a timely manner and respond to my concerns in detail. I appreciate their helpfulness, but sadly, they confirmed that giffgaff have no such feature and no plans to add something like this in the future either.

I know that I’m supposed to be notified by email/text when my number is about to expire, but some community members have previously reported that they never received a warning; they just lost their numbers all of a sudden. This is very troubling to hear, so I’d really prefer to have a surefire way to always know my number’s expiration date.

If any of you already use a great method to keep track of your SIM’s expiration date, please do share! I would be very happy to hear about this. The agent that responded to my query kindly advised me to set a reminder for every 5½ months so that I can always buy credit before six months go by, but unfortunately, this solution is not the right one for me. I wasn’t referring to something like that. What I’m seeking is a formal way to always know what my SIM’s expiration date is according to giffgaff. I can’t be the only one; I’m sure that many members keep giffgaff numbers as a backup without using them on a regular basis, thus topping up or buying goodybags only when necessary. Wouldn’t it be nice to have an effective, safe way to check the expiration date from time to time?

I think that giffgaff should add this feature to our accounts and app—it cannot be very complicated, considering that staff/agents are able to check their system and see the last time a number was used anyway. The data is already is there, we just need access to it. The feature I’m talking about would simply track the last time a user’s number was used to call, text, connect to the Internet or make a purchase in order to display the exact, official expiration date according to giffgaff. It shouldn’t be that hard to implement.

If more of us bring this need to their attention, we may be able to achieve something. I think that my request is quite reasonable, so I would be grateful for giffgaff’s attention and cooperation and for my fellow community members’ support. Please vote up!


by: persco
on: 15-09-2019 14:11

I use a simple reminder on my phone that recurs every six months and alerts me so much I get sick of it! my other sim is a tracker and fulfilling my ones every 6 months obligation to keep the sim is helped by the reminders. An alert on the account can be extra but I feel if one isn’t taking active responsibility of keeping their number active, they won’t even be looking at the app to know.

A phone calendar reminder works well for me.

by: various_mm
on: 16-11-2019 19:05

exactly- how many people will this actually benefit? don't want most of members paying for a feature than a very small number of people would use . also, it is has not been proven that warning texts and emails are not being received by people before their sim has been deactivated.

by: gordonellis1
on: 30-10-2020 14:02


by: haleemanoor
on: 27-09-2020 06:27

count me in on this one too !

by: vijay42924
on: 19-08-2020 09:22


by: davidedaserra
on: 09-08-2020 18:01

Useful, specially if the sim is used in an alarm system on a second home that does really little traffic.

by: chand311
on: 18-07-2020 19:30

That would be great, at the moment we can see giffgaff to giffgaff free calls date but if sim validation date added.

by: azizr27
on: 18-07-2020 12:23

Sounds good

by: jeff_elephant
on: 16-07-2020 16:35

This impacts a minority of members and it's easy to set a reminder in your calendar every 3 months to send a SMS to keep your account active. This is cheaper than giffgaff spending engineering time to notify a few members when their SIM expires

by: dixier0ver
on: 13-07-2020 17:02


by: shahz87600
on: 28-06-2020 10:11