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Pick a goodybag for 12 months.

By: timwilliams25 | 01-09-2019 18:25

I know people can auto recur goodybags and change which goodybag they have each month. I m sure many take advantage of this but others like to keep the same each month.

I would like to see giffgaff consider offering a 12 month fix goody bag, at a £1 monthly cost discount. This could allow giffgaff to better manage cash flow (as they have more certainty on monthly income). Could also help those who keep the same goodybag each month.

Thoughts please. I know not for all, but could be good for many (and new joiners who prefer a 12 month set option)

giffgaff competition offer this 12 month simo deal.


by: bertiebat
on: 03-09-2019 19:08

Never keen on this idea (posted before) as it seems to promote restrictions and giffgaff is very much keener on promoting it's flexibility.

by: haleemanoor
on: 27-09-2020 06:30

Not keen on this idea

by: ibrah93386
on: 05-09-2020 18:01

Good idea

by: vijay42924
on: 19-08-2020 09:23

good one s

by: rabz24
on: 18-08-2020 00:03

supported ... ????

by: tiktak525
on: 28-07-2020 14:31


by: chand311
on: 18-07-2020 19:32

May be some time you need small goodybag according to your needs.

by: azizr27
on: 18-07-2020 18:26


by: jeff_elephant
on: 16-07-2020 16:39

The ethos of giffgaff is NO CONTRACTS. It doesn't want to tie people into longer term contracts like every other mobile network!!!

by: hydromag
on: 02-07-2020 13:25

why resign from flexibility?