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Payback for recruitment

By: ukrun | 31-08-2019 13:22

My idea is about the email which we receive when someone activate SIM from our banner or we refer someone to giffgaff.

Like below I received email as:

Hi five Abbie. Your first friend *** has just activated their giffgaff SIM.

That means you just earned £5 Payback. Get in.

On this I request giffgaff to add one more line as " This payback will get updated in next month around first or second week."

This will not make any confusion to the members and they will not need to raise question on help and support section community forum.


This is just because of email which I've received. And I noticed many times questions raise as my referral payback not received.

So if you could add one more line then it will make life easy.



by: johndfoster7
on: 18-09-2019 17:11

I like this idea

by: mij_sky
on: 18-09-2019 09:42

yeah supported

by: persco
on: 18-09-2019 07:25

I agree but also remember you also get the free £5 credit when you sign a friend up within your first 42 days of joining giffgaff,this £5 is usually paid within 5 days of your friend activating their sim. You only get this £5 free credit once, for your 1st recruit. https://community.giffgaff.com/d/557941-newbie-s-extra-5-credit-friend-connection-offer

So if there is an amendment, the system should differentiate between the regular recruiters and the first times

by: micky6599
on: 17-09-2019 12:40

good good idea

by: iqbal92307
on: 15-09-2019 12:12

Great idea

by: gordonellis1
on: 13-09-2019 16:29


by: ungourin
on: 13-09-2019 08:26

yeah pretty good

by: bvbc
on: 12-09-2019 15:55


by: erzse49
on: 10-09-2019 16:46

I like this idea

by: mijthebarber
on: 09-09-2019 09:11

That will help a lot for people who don't know

by: ukrun
on: 10-09-2019 13:26

Yeah Thanks