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Chargeable Pre-Call Alert!

By: themerchant | 30-08-2019 14:10

As discussed with Helen & Fiona (case number 190827-001756), a voice warning notice BEFORE 0843 or similar dated prefixes are dialled / connected, would be of great benefit to the Entire GG Community; keep Great Value for Members' Credit, and Fox the Scammers!! System Across this and 02 Networks Please?

Got caught out when searching for Enterprise Car Hire's HQ Number - suckered by website http://www.headofficecontactnumber.co.uk/ ” into a £10 plus call!! :( Sounds so simple to forewarn The Community - and avoid the bad feelings and obvious resentment!!


by: mcilwraith
on: 03-09-2019 14:07

i think its down to the member to look after their own account.although it would be a handy add on

by: adventure17
on: 27-01-2020 16:18

I would like this, supported.

by: muddycalhoun
on: 27-01-2020 10:03

I don't know if I entirely agree, after all Giffgaff have their pricing page and some basic info on our dashboard about codes not included in our goodybag allowance.

If it would not overly increase the burden on Giffgaff's network messaging system and by extension be inexpensive I would go along with this. But if it would require much investment of time or money I think best stay as we are.

by: rites61
on: 21-01-2020 17:38

I'm not sure about this

by: roxy844
on: 20-01-2020 12:35

good idea

by: egglassa
on: 16-01-2020 22:10


by: leah244
on: 16-01-2020 00:18


by: raven69451
on: 15-01-2020 09:59

Super cool!

by: erzse49
on: 14-01-2020 22:36

good idea

by: dvs22
on: 11-01-2020 17:27

Good idea