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Ask an Agent Via App

By: jamietford | 10-08-2019 21:19

Given how difficult it is to find "ask an agent" via your website and the faff involved in logging in, how about allowing asking to "Ask an Agent" via the app; this would really be useful and make life easier .. If we have an issue, the last thing we need is the faff and frustrating of logging into you website to ask an agent and log back in to check the reply; especially when we have the app installed

Multiple frustrations in trying to "ask an agent"


by: roxy844
on: 14-07-2020 13:36


by: hashir29
on: 07-07-2020 19:01

Vote for you ????

by: shahz87600
on: 28-06-2020 10:17

good idea

by: jeff_elephant
on: 24-06-2020 14:50

The app is limited in functionality and there are plans underway to launch very soon a better, more functional app. I'm sure 'ask an agent' is on the To Do list for the app

by: mareeb25
on: 21-06-2020 21:50

Very nice Idea.

by: justeena1
on: 20-06-2020 21:00

No nice idea

by: ikkyh56
on: 18-06-2020 17:41

Good idea

by: mrdjb98
on: 17-06-2020 13:11

Yes, please implement as an obvious logical solution to benefit everyone.

by: sibtahmed
on: 11-06-2020 20:02

Good idea

by: hydromag
on: 02-07-2020 13:15

And useful too.

by: zealousbeloved123
on: 11-06-2020 08:51

Fully supported