Leave a legacy.

A text Service that let you check you goodybag stuff by text.

By: luke198830 | 31-07-2019 00:45

why don't giffgaff start up a text service so people can check what's left on there goodybag by text so they don't need to go on the app or go on the website to check or call the topup line. Because think about it they are on the £6 or the £9 goodybag and they don't have any date left and they don't have WiFi at home they will need another way to check there mins and texts and they don't want to call the top up line so the only they could check is by texting balance to a short code number like o2 and tesco mobile and other networks do.

Other mobile networks do so I thort giffgaff. Giffgaff is the only network on the o2 network that don't do it as o2 and tesco mobile do it.


by: dazoo
on: 02-08-2019 14:18

Can be done already

by: mcilwraith
on: 31-07-2019 10:34

dial 43430 option2 does for me

by: danny56767
on: 17-08-2019 10:47

Like it

by: persco
on: 19-08-2019 06:50

As others have said. 43430 option 2 does it.


You can also dial *100*7# for goodybag status and *100# for balance from your phone to check.

Problem about data is that it isn’t live as you use it so hard to get it to work with a text service and give accurate figures. I don’t think any network does that live. They will say it may have not updated yet and will in a couple of hours or over a 24hr period

by: danny56767
on: 17-08-2019 10:45

Dont agree

by: titan2019
on: 17-08-2019 07:22

giffgaff already have things in place to check your ballance minutes and txts etc.

by: onthelash
on: 16-08-2019 21:12

can be done already

by: mij_sky
on: 16-08-2019 14:44

this will be nice ,,,,, but yiuo could go online ,, and after a calll i get sent a notification telling me what i have left

by: bullphit
on: 16-08-2019 07:07

Smashing idea

by: jcwat84
on: 15-08-2019 10:31


by: pete2009
on: 15-08-2019 08:14

I think it is already possible to check your allowance