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Charge for incoming texts. I like to help people with business ideas but would like to charge them a small fee

By: lisas78232 | 29-07-2019 11:31

Special number so I can can receive 1p per incoming text. Or credit for my nexy goodybag.

I am often swamped with texts from people who are using up my time with enquiries. If they had to pay a bit they might not send so many texts!


by: gcase64
on: 09-08-2019 19:46

This is of no use to giffgaff.I see a contradiction in your post.Firstly you say that you like to help people with business ideas and then you go on to say that the people you help are taking up too much of your time.

May I suggest that you advertise the help you offer includes an administration charge.I personally think you should charge them a fee.After all if your advise helps them to move forward with their business idea then I don't really know why anyone would actually be against paying a small fee.I wish you all the best. ????

by: sarlove
on: 05-08-2019 19:13

Not sure.

by: onthelash
on: 30-07-2019 18:20

giffgaff should be involved with things like this

by: brend35806
on: 30-07-2019 08:23

It's works now in EU counres some body call you and money coming to your account, more call you more money you get

by: bing5582
on: 29-07-2019 19:58


by: charlixsparkles
on: 29-07-2019 15:53

I believe that charging people for business ideas is quite standard. Now I'd like to charge you for that business idea :p

by: johndfoster7
on: 25-08-2019 12:35
by: johndfoster7
on: 21-08-2019 13:22

I like this idea