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80gb 4G Data SIM to replace my rubbish home broadband with EE.

By: sam_barrow | 23-07-2019 08:06

I've been waiting for years to hear that GiffGaff is finally offering a reasonable 80gb (or higher) 4G Data SIM deal (I've got my own 4G router) (no mins or texts just data) so that I can finally tell EE to get lost. Cant abide having to pay line rental for my landline when I NEVER make or receive calls anymore. I've been pay EE £32 per month for the past 8 years for their crappy service. That's £32 that GiffGaff could have instead if they were to finally realise who many others are in the same situation.We don't need 5G in our village, just a ****** good 4G service and a fair SIM-only data deal with you guys. So, what do you say? ou know its heading that way so why not act "proactively" for once instead of always playing catch up?

Fed up with stupid landline costs with supper slow data speeds in my village.


by: zkc100
on: 31-08-2019 16:48

Calm down Sam!!! Maybe relax a little!!!

by: persco
on: 20-08-2019 06:53

for that amount of money though, I would go broadband unless you haven’t got fibre optic in your area. Currently pay £25 for 108mbps unlimited download speeds.

by: davek89
on: 14-08-2019 18:42

If EE are so bad, why not switch provider to someone better (and cheaper)?

If you want 80GB+ mobile data per month, then there are other providers who offer that for less than £32/month, why not switch to one of them?

Giffgaff don't currently offer this, probably because there isn't sufficient demand to make it profitable.

by: jesi23
on: 02-10-2020 14:50

Actually, giffgaff DO offer this - - - for - - - £20 per month - - - you get 80GB - - - plus unlimited UK calls and SMS texts …

by: ungourin
on: 13-08-2019 21:46

won't happen on giffgaff

by: jesi23
on: 02-10-2020 13:32

Funny thing you should say that. IT HAS HAPPENED! Since 26 FEBRUARY 2020 you can get 80GB 4G data for £20. AND you get an EXTRA 1GB if you run out as long as it is the third or later Goodybag you have ever bought!

by: manfred_sim2
on: 05-08-2019 10:16

Potentially useful request despite being a rant.

Just change onto virgin or O2, problem solved.

by: subasht
on: 02-08-2019 20:36

is broadband not an option for you??

by: mcilwraith
on: 23-07-2019 15:23

sounds more like a rant than a sensible idea

by: gcase64
on: 24-07-2019 01:43

@mcilwraith. I have to agree with you on that.The way I read and understood it there was no idea actually put forward.As long as he feels better after getting that off his chest.

by: bradturner
on: 22-10-2020 23:22

Supported but giffgaff is more for Calls, Texts and Data – not just Data as they got rid of the data only gigabags a few years back.

by: kupur
on: 15-10-2020 15:37

Not for me

by: jesi23
on: 02-10-2020 13:25

You might be interested in knowing that SINCE 26 FEBRUARY 2020 ALL GOODYBAGS include unlimited UK calls and UK SMS texts; ALSO there is NOW 80GB available for £20 (with a 1GB buffer once you have bought 3 Goodybags of any size on the third Goodybag as long as it costs between £10 and £20). So, in effect, this idea was implemented last February. I am now using my Windows Phone with a £20 Goodybag to supply our household with internet, having cancelled my EE landline and broadband when the Contract expired in April!