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PAC code leaving reasons

By: ukrun | 14-07-2019 13:21


When members request for pac code giffgaff ask members to choose any of the reason listed why you are leaving. I noticed there are total 12 reasons listed in leaving giffgaff pac code request. My idea is for giffgaff to add one more reason as "OTHER" once members click on other option then there should be small box appears in that members can put the reasons for why they are leaving giffgaff if the listed reason is not they want to choose.

This is very helpful for giffgaff to improve giffgaff member experience and it will help giffgaff to work on that feedback .



by: ma2013
on: 20-07-2019 17:00

Actually a good idea. Supported.

by: haleemanoor
on: 27-09-2020 23:16

Just give a try

by: joshpt
on: 27-09-2020 11:59

Good idea

by: mreh25
on: 14-09-2020 20:44

Good idea I love it.

by: vijay42924
on: 27-08-2020 08:46

good one voted

by: hydromag
on: 03-08-2020 13:08

That's sensible.

by: lizwa67
on: 22-07-2020 18:07

Seems like a sensible way to gather more data. The objection that “someone needs to read them” could be handled through existing artificial intelligence solutions that can be used to categorise answers before a person looks at them

by: pinkunykorn
on: 17-07-2020 21:00


by: jeff_elephant
on: 13-07-2020 15:59

There's only one problem with this. These typed in replies would need to be read by someone, while the rationale behind the existing 12 categories are that these are the largest reasons why people port off giffgaff

by: ahreh20
on: 07-07-2020 20:56

Actually a good idea