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Customer loyalty program

By: mmayoh | 13-07-2019 16:15

Depending how long you’ve been with Giffgaff, mark each milestone with a gesture. Let’s get back to rewarding loyalty, something similar to Sky’s VIP program. What’s stopping me from leaving, how is my loyalty been rewarded?


by: johndfoster7
on: 14-01-2020 22:45

I like this idea

by: fabiyes
on: 07-01-2020 20:15

They have a loyalty program already. Payback

by: danny56767
on: 03-01-2020 20:51

this is not meeded at all

by: chloe65602
on: 26-12-2019 19:45

good idea

by: court79153
on: 26-12-2019 19:44

good idea

by: peterg92
on: 17-12-2019 21:55

Supported :)

by: emmalouisep93
on: 16-12-2019 21:51

i think we get rewarded enough it’s payback and with how cheap giffgaff is in reguards to goody bags etc. Sorry

by: keithctaylor
on: 21-11-2019 08:21

https://community.giffgaff.com/d/33028159-customer-loyalty-programme is a discussion on the Contribute forum about this. But it needs some specific ideas about what a good loyalty scheme will be.

So I can't support this idea until it is clearer.

by: johndfoster7
on: 04-10-2019 22:10

I like this idea

by: kathleen414
on: 03-10-2019 19:24

Happy with our current loyalty scheme