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Customer loyalty program

By: mmayoh | 13-07-2019 16:15

Depending how long you’ve been with Giffgaff, mark each milestone with a gesture. Let’s get back to rewarding loyalty, something similar to Sky’s VIP program. What’s stopping me from leaving, how is my loyalty been rewarded?


by: charlixsparkles
on: 15-07-2019 19:54

The cost of the loyalty rewards is usually passed onto the consumer.

by: mij_sky
on: 16-08-2019 16:06

as a giffgaff customer we get so much benefits , don't need more do we

by: supa_nh
on: 22-07-2019 22:52

Not needed

by: drkarter
on: 29-07-2019 18:59

I agree with you.

by: dphin
on: 03-05-2020 14:15

I agree

by: persco
on: 22-07-2019 06:33

payback and milestone stickers are enough for me. I know payback isn’t as such a loyalty program but still goes some way and available to all albeit just a tiny amount of people accessing it.

by: hcs22
on: 16-05-2020 12:38

I agree

by: burgundy1
on: 21-07-2019 19:53

I think we are getting a fantastic deal here!

by: mcilwraith
on: 20-07-2019 11:53

i don`t know how many times ive seen this idea in various guises.

i`m happy as is

by: firoze
on: 18-07-2019 15:34

How would you define "milestones"?

As others have said, the payback offered by giffgaff is a fitting reward for loyalty.

by: leshin
on: 16-07-2019 16:41


by: davidgbartlett
on: 16-07-2019 14:46

Payback is what makes this company different. No need to reward loyalty. Sorry

by: tangai
on: 06-01-2021 09:57

Not for us