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help for those that have had their GG account hacked

By: various_mm | 07-07-2019 17:58


I have started to see cases where peoples have had their GG account hacked, and the fraudsters have gained access to the GG account, changing passwords etc so that the person whose account it was is no longer able to get back into their account.

This can be a big issue. As people can’t access their account, they can’t not report the sim as lost etc and block anyone else using their account.

The only way to contact an agent is via by having a GG account, which the person can’t get into. They have to create another account just to get in touch with GG.

My idea is that there should be a web form on the net available that would allow people to report that their account has been hacked, and enable people to get back into it. This will make it easier for people who have fallen victims to fraud to contact GG without needing to create another account- most people who are new may not know that you could create another account- besides its a convoluted process.

What do you think?



*** edit*** once the form is used there will be additional measures of verifying ID by the agent so they can establish they are talking to owner of the acocunt ***


by: glitterykittee
on: 24-07-2019 20:10

Good idea.

by: joshpt
on: 23-07-2019 23:58

good idea

by: erzse49
on: 23-07-2019 11:21

I like this idea

by: persco
on: 23-07-2019 06:29

I support this idea too and something I have been pondering on for sometime that if it isn’t already the case that the ticket link to the agents for account misuse must be prioritised as urgent if it isn’t already the case. It’s not as far as am aware or may be a couple off as I see members come back on help or Twitter to complain they haven’t heard anything.

Better still giffgaff should extend 2FA to all sim activity that needs a response to authorise.

This has gone on for far too long and I feel for those affected intentionally or unin

by: supa_nh
on: 22-07-2019 22:56

You have my vote

by: majorincident
on: 14-07-2019 14:51

It's a start and if adopted, it would be for giffgaff to build in sufficient safeguards so that it knows the authenticity of the person making the report.

by: various_mm
on: 15-07-2019 19:03

defo! security has to be critical

by: espuelita
on: 14-07-2019 06:21

I agree there should be a way for people whose giffgaff account has been compromised to be able to contact giffgaff in the event they are unable to use their accounr.

However we also have to be mindful of the security issues in submitting a web form itself. This could be used by hackers to access an individual's data, so there would need to be another layer of security here too.

I'm not sure the best way, but it would need to involve supplemental questions or perhaps a unique code previously given to the customer (e.g. Google or Dropbox use these)

by: various_mm
on: 14-07-2019 08:55

yes I agree. there will be additional layers of assurance to verify ID beforehand. the form is just a direct way of getting in touch with an agent as otherwise if you have been locked out of your account, you have to create another account just to message an agent

by: chaaaan
on: 14-07-2019 02:20

Good idea

by: various_mm
on: 14-07-2019 08:59

many thanks for your support

by: bertiebat
on: 13-07-2019 21:09

As others have mentioned the idea as it stands is not specific enough in how to ensure this facility can't be abused and provide another scamming access method. As written, I can't support.

by: various_mm
on: 14-07-2019 08:58

Idea is not meant to be specific to cover every detail. its just a form for people to get in touch with an agent who have been locked out of their account. once thats done,the an agent will verify ID just to make sure thy are talking to the owner of the account etc as other have supported this idea, i bid you a good day

by: elli87
on: 13-07-2019 15:38

Good idea

by: various_mm
on: 14-07-2019 08:59

thank you for your support. its fee good people seeing the value an idea rather than sidetracking it by picking out trivial issues, or expecting the idea to be perfect!